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🚚 Delivery

All infomation about how Wing Heong BBQ Meat is being deliver to you.

How to Buy Online?

To buy online from the Wing Heong BBQ Meat website, you can follow these steps:

Delivery Process

We are committed to swiftly delivering your BBQ Dried Meat Bakkwa while upholding the highest quality standards. Here’s a breakdown of our online delivery process:. Rest assured, we balance speed with quality to provide an exceptional experience. 🚚�

Delivery Partner

Standard Delivery:. Alternative Courier:. Premium Delivery:. Delivery Coverage:. Order Tracking:

Delivery taking longer?

Standard Delivery Timeline:. Extended Delivery Times:. Packaging Assurance:. Damaged Goods Policy:. Expedited Delivery Service:. We’re dedicated to ensuring your order arrives promptly and in perfect condition. 🚚✨

Self Pickup Order

How to Place a Self-Pickup Order?. To place an online order for self-pickup at Wing Heong BBQ Meat, follow these streamlined steps:. Collection Timeline for Self-Pickup Orders:.

Label has been created when I click my tracking link, but there is no movement. Where is my package?

When shipping carriers generate a label in advance, it’s part of the preparation process for sending out your package. However, it might take up to 48 hours after the label is created before your order actually ships.During this time, the package has